Description on operations and prices


Our platform put in relation Space Providers and General Users.


The Booking process can be shortly described as follows 
(please see the section Booking Process in the Terms of Use):


-       The General user can browse properties and have to creat an account to be able to realize some bookings

-       The Space Provider can list his Content on the Platform. His content will be published after it has been payed and reviewed.

-       The Space Provider identity is at first anonymous. The main benefit is to be bale to offer the best prices online.
        The General User will send a Booking request and the Space Provider will accept it in most cases.

-       Once the acceptation is realized, the identity of the Space Provider is unveiled to the General User, additionnal documents are put at disposal and
         the General User has to complete the payment of the Service Fee of Tempodepot to reserve the space with the Space Provider.


In order to maximize the quality of these matches the pricing has two components:


Space provider component

This is paid by the Space Provider to publish an advertisment for a certain time online.

The price is starting at 150 CHF to publish a property in Switzerland on our platform.

For properties in the Euro zone it is starting at 150 euros.

Space providers can contact us directly to discuss packages for several properties.


Service Fee paid by the General User

The Service Fee is paid to TempoDepot by the General User and represents 5% of the transaction amount.
With a maximum cost of 200 Euros or CHF per transaction


For more information or requests, you can contact us per email or per phone


The Tempodepot Team