About us




I've spent 16 years in the Transport and logistics sector, occupying various positions in the Supply Chain. The last one was as CEO and President of a freight forwarding company. I've dealt with real estate, transport modes, logistics and amassed a great experience with different people and companies, and i take here the chance to thank them for it.


Nowadays, after this period, i would like to use modestly my various skilled in order to change how things are done in the industry and in a way it benefits all stakeholders of the Supply chain. This website is about my experience in the field.


It is obvious there is  an immense underutilization in logistics spaces that also leaves

great opportunities for customers needing either quick, temporary, locate close to the point of consumption, cost efficient solutions. This project is all about realizing it and connecting the dots, thanks to Internet, between logistics suppliers and warehouses seekers.


Be sure I and my team will do our best to improve your experience and make things happen. I welcome you on the website and encourage you to make comments or direct contact at following address: [email protected].


I am looking forward to working with you and make together a new step in the supply chain.


Sincerly yours,



Founder of Tempodepot